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Introduction of energy-saving technologies in kindergartens of Gola Prystan

Sector: Energy policy and administrative management

EU Contribution: € 176,000.00 (79% of total).

Implementing organisation: Kherson Oblast Civic Organisation Regional Council Of Entrepreneurs

Duration: from 02/2012 to 07/2013

Description: The project aims at implementation of modern energy-saving technologies in kindergartens No 1 and 2 in Gola Prystan. These technologies are focused on reduction of energy expenditures, saving of funds and fuel, enhancing the quality of heat supply by installing energy efficient equipment and training personnel to save energy. As a result, it is expected that energy resources use in kindergartens ?1 and ?2 will be reduced by 40%. It will be accompanied with related reduction of greengases emissions.

Location : Gola Prystan, Ukraine



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