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Bio-safety and bio-security improvement at the Ukrainian anti-plague station (UAPS) in Simferopol

Sector: Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution

EU Contribution: € 4,000,000.00 (100% of total).

Implementing organisation: Science And Technology Center In Ukraine

Duration: from 11/2010 to 08/2014

Description: The primary goals of the Ukrainian Anti-Plague Station: ?provision of the practical, methodical and consultative help to establishments of health protection of Ukraine dealing with the territory sanitary protection from contamination and spread of expecially dangerous infectious diseases in the territory of Ukraine; ?execution of function of the Center of indication and identification of biological pathogenic agents of a bacterial aetiology (pathogenic vibrios, including choleraic, and also legionellas, leptospiras); ?execution of function of the Referens-laboratory on diagnostics and identification of choleraic and other pathogenic vibrios; ?execution of function of the National collection of strains of causative agents of cholera ?1 and not ?1; ?execution of function of the Base laboratory on avian influenza diagnostics; ?analysis and generalisation of materials of epidemiological surveillance for expecially dangerous and feral nidal infections; ?participation in development of legislative, departmental normative acts, instructive-methodical guidelines on sanitary control of territory, prophylaxis of expecially dangerous infections; ?making of brigades of quick reaction and provision of the practical help to establishments of health protection of Ukraine in liquidation of the foci of expecially dangerous infection; ?carrying out of laboratory diagnostics of the diseases caused by bacteria of 1-2 group of patogenicity, identification of causative agents and transmitting agents, etc.

Location : Simferopol (Crimea)





Mr Khaytovych ALEXANDER
Head of Public Institution «Ukrainian Anti-plague Station»
Tel: 38 (0652) 63-94-17
Fax: 38 (0652) 51-64-03