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Enhanced civic oversight of reforms in Ukraine in the framework of ENP

Sector: Strengthening civil society

EU Contribution: € 194,453.00 (90% of total).

Implementing organisation: Stichting European Partnership Fordemocracy

Duration: from 12/2010 to 03/2013

Description: Since the beginning of 2011 the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) together with its Ukrainian partner Civil Network OPORA (Ukraine) has been implementing a project entitled "Enhanced civic engagement with reforms in Ukraine in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy" and which is funded through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). The main objective of the above mentioned project is to boost Ukrainian European integration efforts vis-à-vis the fulfilment of the country's commitments towards the EU institutions, as mentioned in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan and Association Agenda. In order to enhance the present government's European integration efforts in line with the strategic priorities proclaimed by the previous Ukrainian government, civil society has a key role to play in terms of public control over the government's commitments in the framework of the ENP. One of the key policy tools in the European integration process is political dialogue (on democracy, human rights and the rule of law), which will be carefully scrutinised by OPORA during the project implementation.

Location : Ukraine, selected regions





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