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Low-carbon opportunities for industrial regions of Ukraine

Sector: Coal-fired power plants

EU Contribution: € 129,409.00 (70% of total).

Implementing organisation: Donetsk National University

Duration: from 12/2010 to 10/2014

Description: In a broader context, this project aims at promoting and helping the actual implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) activities in Ukraine, as well as initiating cooperation in this area between Ukraine and the European Community. specifically, this project works for improvement of knowledge of the Ukrainian context for implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage activities. The second goal is setting up a program for concrete CCS site in Ukraine. Finally, the project aims at making main stakeholders aware of the CCS technology as a tool for mitigation the climate change.

Location : Ukraine, following geographical regions are underlined: Donetsk region; Dnipropetrovsk region; Kharkiv region; Lugansk region; Zaporizhia region.





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