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Protection of steppe biodiversity

Sector: Bio-diversity

EU Contribution: € 1,447,305.00 (73% of total).

Implementing organisation: Ukrainian Society For The Protection Of Birds Civil Organisation

Duration: from 12/2010 to 06/2015

Description: The project aims at overcoming threats for steppe biodiversity by raising its social and economic and by raising the protected nature status. The project contributes substantially to efforts within Ukrainian steppe regions in the key areas of: - understanding and being prepared to respond to climate change issues; - restoring exhausted or abandoned steppe lands in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner; - maintaining and enhancing steppe biodiversity through careful management of land and, where necessary, nature protection (through the establishment of protected areas); - supporting the reduction of global CO2 emissions, thus mitigating the impact of climate change.

Location : Ukraine: Lugansk, Odessa and Kherson oblasts; Crimea; Moldova: Cahul Region





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