New e-book for Ukrainian entrepreneurs offers advice on how to find business partners in the EU, prepare to export and get financing (13/11/2015)

With the financial support of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, a newly published electronic book "Business Internationalisation and Entry to European Union Markets"will assist Ukrainian businesses to find partners in the EU, start or grow exports of their goods and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, which will be in force from January 1st, 2016.

Authored by Oleh Myroshnichenko, an experienced educator on export issues, his second large publication for Ukrainian exporters fills in the critical gaps in the knowledge of Ukrainian entrepreneurs on what it takes to export to the markets of developed countries and in particular to the EU market.

This publication is based on the best international and Ukrainian practices and provides for a comprehensive presentation of export planning, exporting channels, export marketing and branding. It also describes collaborative methods of exporting, working with foreign private label operators and gives important cultural insights into doing business with European Union countries. Besides, the book discusses the opportunities for Ukrainian exporters to get support from Ukrainian and international institutions.

The document is well illustrated and designed in a user-friendly format. It also reviews a wide range of electronic resources for exporters allowing to find European business partners, obtain critically important information about European market and its regulations. The sources of regulatory information pertaining to food and agriculture have been given special emphasis in the book as this industry represents one of the fastest growing core sectors of Ukrainian economy.

Introducing the book to Ukrainian audience, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski said: “Following introduction of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement provisions on free trade, Ukrainian business will enter European economic and regulatory field and start working in a new competitive environment. This bears new challenges, but also new opportunities for those filled with entrepreneurial spirit and continuously looking for new opportunities for development of its own business. Efficient utilisation of the DCFTA potential requires capability to adapt and develop in new conditions, be aware of the need in continuous self-improvement, understanding the benefits of openness and strategic approach to the development of ones own business”.

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