Association Agreement opens new opportunities for Ukrainian IT and e-commerce businesses (27/02/2015)

On 26 February, 2015 informational workshop-discussion for small and medium enterprises operating in the IT and          e-commerce sectors was held in Kyiv at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

The participants discussed prospects for the SMEs' development and algorithm of actions for Ukrainian entrepreneurs, as well as challenges and opportunities that await IT and related industries under DCFTA implementation. Wide interest was shown from the representatives of business communities.  The workshop was held in the framework of the EU funded project for SMEs “Communicating the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: What does it mean for me?”.

Jocelyn GUITTON, First Secretary, EU Delegation Trade Section:

The Association Agreement is a tool to modernize Ukraine. It is primarily a trade agreement that will make trade between Ukraine and the EU easier and cheaper. But ii is actually also much more: it addresses numerous fields which once implemented will make Ukraine very close to the EU single market, not only as regards trade in goods, but also services, capital movements, competition rules etc. Ultimately it should benefit to all companies in Ukraine. IT services is a booming sector in Ukraine, and it has a key interest in getting closer to the EU market and build partnership with European companies.  We, in close cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities, aim at making information on this accessible to all stakeholders in order to make these changes not only on paper, but in the real life for businesses.


Viktor Grechyn, expert of the EU funded project «Communicating the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: what does it mean for me?», Institute for Economic Research and Political Consultingadded: “Export revenues in telecommunications and IT services in Ukraine accounts more than 1.5 USD billion dollars, which covers about 10% in the structure of trade in services. The Association Agreement which regulates high standards of intellectual property rights and facilitates access to European IT markets will promote the development of this fast-growing business”.


Additional information:

For more information about economic part of the Association Agreement (DCFTA) and the Projects and workshops, kindly visit web-platform “Business in European way: guide for small and medium enterprises”: