Call for Expression of Interest: Support to Conflict Affected Communities in Ukraine (07/10/2014)

The European Union (EU) seeks to identify suitable interventions for immediate support to community driven measures addressing temporary accommodation and settlement of displaced population, integration with host communities and early recovery in conflict affected areas that are under control of the Government of Ukraine.

The action is part of the EU’s long term support to the Regional Development Policy Reform Programme implemented by the Government of Ukraine. The objective is to strengthen the capacity of local authorities and other stakeholders to develop and implement effective regional development programmes. In the prevailing situation in Ukraine this includes providing timely and adequate response strategies and assistance to population in distress following the arrival of large numbers people escaping from the war and annexation of their hometowns or when attempting to restore minimum levels of services in areas that have returned under the control of the Government.

In recognition of the urgency of the needs in view of preparation for the approaching winter, the geographical specificity of potential implementing partners and the necessity for flexibility in the definition of interventions to ensure adequate monitoring the EU applies special crisis procedures that do allow for contracting after direct negotiations. Eligible parties are invited to submit a brief expression of interest providing a brief outline of the problems to be addressed, a well-defined scope in terms of geography and target group, the measures planned to be taken and how these can be realised within the shortest timespan, and basic budget providing sufficient detail clearly distinguishing the costs of the actual intervention as also the organisational and administrative overheads.

Following a positive assessment of the administrative eligibility of the partner(s) and the pertinence and technical and financial feasibility of the proposed action, the EU will enter into direct negotiations with the implementing partner(s) to finalise their proposal in the shortest delay possible.


1) Within the global objective of strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian authorities at regional level and other stakeholders to promote cohesion, social and economic development and national dialogue, the proposed actions cover one or more of the following specific objectives:

  1. Effective solutions that address shortcomings in essential community infrastructure (access, electricity, water, heating) and public services (community administration, education, health) which were caused or became more prominent as a result of arrival of large groups of displaced population.
  2. Support for essential repairs and other temporary measures to facilitate housing of displaced population during the winter.
  3. Repair of damaged public infrastructure and restoration of public services in areas directly affected by the conflict and in control by the Government of Ukraine.
  4. Targeted assistance to facilitate repair of damaged housing for residing and returning population in areas directly affected by the conflict and in control by the Government of Ukraine.
  5. Promotion of economic activities for displaced population and hosting communities.
  6. Measures to initiate and reinforce reconciliation where necessary between displaced and hosting communities or returning population and those that have stayed back.


2) The support is to be requested as a grant, with a minimum amount of € 200 000 and a maximum amount of € 2 000 000. The grant should consist at least 50% of the total eligible costs of the action. At least 10% of the eligible costs of the action need to be sourced by the applicant from its own budget. In exceptional and well justified cases a waver can be considered.


3) In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicant must:

  1. Be legal persons established in Ukraine and
  2. Be non-profit making and
  3. Be local authorities:

i.      Oblast Administrations

ii.      Oblast Councils

iii.      Oblast Centre City Administrations

iv.      City of Kyiv administration

v.      Cities of Mariupol, Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Berdiansk or Severodonetsk and

4. Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action.

4) The applicant may act individually or with co-applicant(s):

  1. Nongovernmental organisations established in Ukraine
  2. International Organisations

5) The initial planned duration of an action may not be lower than 6 nor exceed 18 months.

6) Actions must take place in one or more of the oblasts of Ukraine. No action is acceptable in areas that are not under the full administrative control of the Government of Ukraine.

Submission of Expression of Interest msw8 - 118 KB [118 KB] :

Interested parties are required to prepare an expression of interest msw8 - 118 KB [118 KB] as per the format attached.

1. Expressions of interest msw8 - 118 KB [118 KB] must be submitted by e-mail to:

2. Deadline for submission of expressions of interest msw8 - 118 KB [118 KB] : 31 October 2014.

3. All eligible applicants, whose proposed actions are considered relevant to this Call, will be invited to negotiate the direct-award grant. However, as this concerns direct negotiations in a crisis situation, full proposals will be assessed and, when deemed eligible and feasible, contracted on a ‘first come - first service basis’.