28 Ukrainians will study in the EU at the Erasmus Mundus programme next academic year (05/06/2014)

28 Ukrainians (25  in Master Courses, 3 in PhD) together with other 1631 Erasmus Mundus students from the EU and third countries will enroll in various programmes. Students come from different Ukrainian regions: Dnipropetrovsk, Dniprodzerdzhynsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Makiyivka, Odessa and Uzhgorod.

The Call for Erasmus Mundus Action 1 has been completed in May and winners of scholarships and fellowships for Joint Master Courses and Joint Doctorates identified. All in all 138 joint master courses and 42 joint doctorate programmes were opened for the applicants all over the world.

Moreover, 175 Ukrainians are put on the waiting list – they will get their chance to become a part of the programme if other winners are not able to enroll in the selected Erasmus Mundus programmes.

Erasmus Mundus students are to study in leading universities of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other EU member states. Following the rules of Erasmus Mundus Joint Courses, master and PhD students are to study in at least two EU member states, where in addition to the programme curricula, students will take language courses, learn about the country of their stay, discover and enjoy its culture. 

Pre-departure orientation seminar for Erasmus Mundus students is scheduled for July 1, 2014. To participate, please follow the updates on the web-site of the EU Delegation of EU to Ukraine: http://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/ukraine/index_uk.htm

Background information

Erasmus Mundus is the EU educational programme aimed at facilitation of international cooperation and academic mobility among students, university teachers and scholars of higher educational institutions from EU universities and third countries. 

The programmes is comprised of three components: 1) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Courses and Joint Doctorates; 2) Erasmus Mundus Partnerships (former Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window); 3) Promotion of European Higher Education.  

Within Action 1, the partnership of universities jointly develops and delivers master programmes and doctorates; Executive Agency for Culture, Education and Audiovisual (ЕАСЕА) provides funding to cover the administrative costs of partner universities and fellowships and scholarships to students from the EU and third countries, encouraging them to choose Joint Master Courses and Joint Doctorates among other programmes on the European educational market. Around 30 Ukrainians are annually selected as grantees for Erasmus Mundus joint courses. Since Ukraine has joined Erasmus Mundus programme in 2004, within Erasmus Mundus Action 1 nearly 400 Ukrainian students obtained mobility grants to study at the EU universities.  For more details about the programme please consult http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/index_en.htm