The EU Delegation will conduct photo project “Euro Sooshka” in Odesa (01/04/2014)

On the 3d of April, 2014, at 16:00 Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine will organize the first EU-related street photo exhibition in Odesa. City citizens and its guests are invited to bring for exchange photographs that convey similarity and identity of European countries. Organizers are confident that this initiative will demonstrate and underscore the affinity of European and Ukrainian cities, values, customs and habits of their residents.

Open air photo exhibition will be held in Odesa city center, not far from the central entrance of the Peremohy Park from the side of “10th of April” Square. Unique photo exhibition is aimed to reveal the fact that the Ukrainian and European values are identical. On the ropes of “Euro Sooshka” there will be photos from various parts of Europe and Ukrainian cities, and also photographs of Ukrainians in Europe and Europeans in Ukraine.

Format and rules of two-hour exhibition are very easy – at 16:00 all interested citizens meet and bring to “Euro Sooshka” (laundry) their photos – photos that display beauty of Europe and Ukraine; that demonstrate European values through people, architecture, events and other things. The idea of project is that everybody can bring photos, what they like and hang up to the rope with a help of clothes pegs. During the exhibition after a special signal everyone will be able to take a photo he/she prefers.

“Postcard to Europe” – is another part of the event for those who will bring their photos. Organizers will prepare for all guests commemorative postcards, which visitors will be able to sign and send to their family or friends in any part of the world.

Citizens are invited to participate in:
What? EU-related street photo exhibition “Euro Sooshka”
When? 3d of April, 2014 (Thursday), from 16:00 till 17:30
Where?  Odesa, Peremohy Park, entrance from the “10th of April” Square

During “Euro Sooshka” all interested citizens will receive a possibility:
- to contribute to the photo exhibition, bring own photographs and take the works of other members;
- to question the EU Delegation experts at the opening of the initiative;
- to find out more about “Building Europe in Ukraine” information campaign;
- to create and witness the identity of many Ukrainian and European values;
- to treat themselves with tea and tasty sushkas (dried biscuits).
• Zoltan Szalai, Head of Press and Information Section of the EU Delegation to Ukraine;
• Victoria Davydova, Press and Information Officer of the EU Delegation to Ukraine;
• Vera Gruzova, organizer of “Sooshka” (Photo Laundry) in Odesa
• Students and activists of Euroclubs and EUi in Odessa; EU Study Days participants.
Photo project “Euro Sooshka” is a part of “Building Europe in Ukraine” information campaign. The campaign embraces a series of informative and educating events (public events, street initiatives, seminars, trainings, round-tables) that will be conducted during the year by the EU Delegation to Ukraine. The campaign is aimed at explaining the importance of signature of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as well as spreading European values and raising citizens’ awareness on the EU-Ukraine relations. Citizens, interested in these issues, are invited to join the information campaign’s events.

For further information, please, contact Kateryna Grygorenko,, 097-354-68-11, 093-931-13-32.