Local EU statement on recent developments in Ukraine (27/01/2014)

“EU Heads of Missions in Kyiv welcome recent talks between government and opposition. We call upon the government to deliver on its promises and announcements made in the context of the negotiations with the opposition. Negotiations shall continue.

We express concern about the deteriorating Human Rights situation. Arrests of wounded people in front of clinics, several cases of disappearance and reported torture are extremely worrying and can be accepted under no circumstances. Perpetrators of these crimes need to be brought to justice as a matter of urgency. Stopping this practice is an indispensable prerequisite for confidence building between government and society.
We call upon the opposition to maintain the peaceful character of demonstrations and to dissociate itself clearly from all those who make use of violence in pursuing their aims.

EU Heads of Mission call on all sides to revoke the whole package of legislative acts restricting the exercise of fundamental freedoms adopted on 16 January and to base any further decisions on the upcoming CoE and OSCE assessment. The EU continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine attentively. The EU remains committed to economic integration and political association of Ukraine.”