The statement of Presidents Cox and Kwasniewski (21/10/2013)

 Given different media interpretations both Presidents would like to make the following press announcement of their visit:

"The European Parliament Monitoring Mission, headed by Presidents Pat Cox and Aleksander Kwaśniewski, will make its 23rd working visit to Ukraine this upcoming week. On 21-22 October the mission will visit Kyiv and Kharkiv and hold talks with its main interlocutors. Time to secure a viable settlement is running out. The mission's focus remains the achievement of the necessary conditions for it to report full compliance with the criteria set by the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU in December 2012 for the signing of the Association Agreement with Ukraine. A fundamental condition of any viable outcome is that it must respect the dignity and secure the agreement of each of the key personalities involved on both sides. The mission remains willing to seek to facilitate the necessary mediation, motivated by its desire to report full compliance, subject to securing, through negotiation, the essential conditions and consensus for success."