Reading guide to the future EU-Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area just published (04/07/2013)

The EU Delegation to Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic  Development and Trade published the Ukrainian version of the reading guide called "EU-Ukraine: DCFTA".

This brochure is based on actual chapters of the respective parts of the Association Agreement. It explains in understandable manner the content of these chapters as well as the meaning of different definitions (for example, the rules of origin). The objective of this brochure is to provide its readers with proper understanding of the content of the Association Agreement and to bring factual and clear information on what has been negotiated by the EU and Ukraine with regard to the future DCFTA. This Agreement provides effective tools and possibilities for Ukraine to modernise its economy and deepen trade relations with the EU, one for the key trading partners of Ukraine.

The brochure should become an indispensable tool for those, who want to know more about the content of the Association Agreement. The prime target audience should be Ukrainian business and entrepreneurs and then also journalists, academics, politicians and public authorities.

The brochure can be downloaded here .