Statement by Günther Oettinger on his meeting with Eduard Stavytsky (22/02/2013)

Statement by EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger on today's meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Industry, Eduard Stavytsky, a few days ahead of the EU-Ukrainian summit

In his first meeting with the new Ukrainian Minister, Commissioner Oettinger stressed the advantages of Ukraine's membership in the Energy Community:

"The Community offers legal security to the Ukraine. Foreign companies will invest in its pipelines, in energy trade and the production of energy. "Shell" would not have engaged in developing shale gas in Ukraine without a clear legal framework."

"The EU stands ready to explore with the Ukraine its untapped gas storage potential and to develop in general how Ukraine can turn from a transit land into a gas producer, importer and exporter and how its storage capacity can be optimised."

"The Community also helps Ukraine to diversify its gas imports. Already now Ukraine is able to receive German gas through Poland, because the pipeline is bi-directional. In the future, this will also be case for other pipelines."