Press announce: Ukraine and European Union launch “live standards” of preventive education! (02/04/2012)

We invite you to an all-Ukrainian meeting on the National HIV prevention Programme and the role of teachers in the related education. The national programme focuses on treatment, care and support for patients infected with HIV and AIDS. Within this larger strategy, the European Union-funded project focuses on capacity building of teachers and trainers. The ultimate goal is to improve adolescents' access to existing quality HIV/AIDS prevention services and support the integration of children living with HIV/AIDS into schools.

During the event, there will be discussions with representatives of the European Union, UNESCO, Ukrainian governmental institutions, relevant experts on preventive education, representatives of the scientific community, international and Ukrainian non-governmental organizations working in area of HIV / AIDS prevention. The EU-funded project will also introduce "live standards" of HIV/AIDS prevention education.

The All Ukrainian HIV/AIDS prevention meeting will take place on Thursday, April 5, 2012 

Location: Kiev, 38/40 Shevchenko Avenue, Hotel "Express", conference hall, 4th floor. From 9:15 till 16:00.


  • Oleg Yeresko – Director of Secondary and Primary Education, of The Ministry of Education, Science Youth and Sports of Ukraine
  • Sergey Polyuk ‑ sector Manager on Health and Welfare Delegation of EU to Ukraine
  • Tigran Yepoyan – UNESCO Regional Advisor in Moscow
  • Olga Gvozdetsa - All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV
  • Volodymyr Ponomarenko – head of Ukrainian  Teachers and Trainers Association
  • Ann Laura Rhein – German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
  • Olena Puryk – senior advisor of  ICF “International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • Deputies of regional departments of Education and Science
  • Methodists of regional postgraduate education institutes
  • Representatives of other international and non-governmental organizations working in the area of HIV / AIDS prevention

Moderators - Oleg Yeresko, Vladimir Ponomarenko, Vera Morozova

Key issues for discussion / consideration:

  1. Status of implementation of National Programme by educational sector.
  2. Presentation of EU, GF and GIZ  projects, which will be implemented during 2012-2014 period
  3. Enhancing the effectiveness of preventive education and creation of conducive health environment in schools (“live standards”)

For more information about the EU project: 38 044 531 52 55 (Vladimir Ponomarenko)

For Press Accreditation call: 38 050 330 47 37 (Bogdan Ivashchenko)