The 2011 Europe Day Celebration jointly organised with the EU Delegation to Ukraine will take place in Mykolayiv (04/03/2011)

The city of Mykolayiv became a winner of the open competition among Ukrainian cities to jointly organise and host the Europe Day Celebration in 2011.

Together with the EU Delegation and Member States' Embassies the Europe Day Celebration will be organised in Mykolayiv. Preliminary date is set for May 14, 2011. Because of the joint support of the City and Oblast administrations, willingness to cooperate with the local NGOs and educational establishments and a detailed plan of events the application from Mykolayiv was chosen as the best suited to the requirements of the competition.

The second place in the competition is taken by applications from two cities: Sumy and Lubny, Poltava oblast. At the end of May the EU Ambassador together with the Member State Ambassadors will conduct a cluster visit to these two cities.

The EU Delegation altogether received 29 applications from different cities across Ukraine: from large oblast capitals to cities of regional importance.

The selection process was indeed difficult, because of a tough competition. The evaluation was done independently by 4 persons. Eventually, the final decision and the choice were made by EU Member States' Ambassadors on 24 February, 2011.

The EU Delegation and the Member States' Embassies are ready to support the Europe Day Celebrations in other cities as well through:

1) Providing EU informational and promotional materials for the Europe Day Celebration. This issue can be discussed with the Press and Information Section in April. (you can find a detailed list of our materials here

2) Organising visits of Delegation and possibly EU Member State Embassies representatives to these celebrations.

The EU Delegation to Ukraine is grateful to all the cities that took part in the competition to jointly organise the Europe Day Celebration. Such interest of Ukrainian cities in cooperating with the EU Delegation shows that the local authorities share democratic and cultural values of the EU.