EU Coal Sector Policy Support Programme facilitates dialogue on the use of mine water, Luhansk region (22/04/2010)

On Tuesday, April 27, 2010 the EU-funded project “Coal Sector Policy Support Programme” will facilitate the round table hosted by the Mayor of Anthracite, at the premises of the AnthraciteTown Hall(1, Lenin St.) from 10:00 to 15:30.

The purpose of the round table is to facilitate a dialogue between interested parties on the possible use of water from a closed mine in Anthracite town. The thirty participants of the round table include representatives of Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine, Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Luhansk Regional State Administration, Anthracite Municipality, the Sanitary-Epidemiological Agency, Luhanks Woda and international financing agencies.

The Tsentralnaya Project was designed several years ago by Ukrainian expert institutes and has been approved for implementation. However various hurdles have held up its construction. The dialogue in the course of the Round Table will enable the key agencies to discuss the hurdles and the solutions that they may adopt to take the process further into completion. Technical presentations made prior to the dialogue, will enable the policy discussions to lead to action.

Visiting Experts from Poland will share their experience in managing similar challenges in the Slansk region (Poland).

The round table will be facilitated by the EU Coal Sector Policy Support Programme and will bring together the Mayor of Anthracite, the Ministry of Coal Industry, Luhansk Woda, the environmental and health protections agencies and other interested parties.

Representatives from national and regional media are invited to attend the discussion on water management and environmental issues in Anthracite town following the experts’ presentations at 13:00.

After the event at 15:30, journalists will have the opportunity to speak with the participants of the round table at a press conference.

For accreditation and arranging interviews please contact Ms Olena Rodionenko, Communication Officer, before 26 April 2010, 17:00.

Tel.: +38 044 272 11 31, Tel.: +38 044 272 6207, Tel.: +38 067 504 1347


Detailed agenda will be provided after registration.


Project background information

Coal is a sizable indigenous source for national energy security of Ukraine, but in the course of its production, significant environmental pollutants are inevitably produced. Measures aimed at better management of environmental risks emanating from coal mining require significant cooperation between many stakeholders and the streamlining of their interactions.

In September 2008 EU and Ukraine have launched the EU-funded project “Coal Sector Policy Support Programme” with a budget of 8.9 million euro and duration of 28 months. The project has been implemented by the company Hulla and Co. Human Dynamics KG, based in Austria, in a consortium with Royal Haskoning, GARR, MWH, Kopex. The Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine is the Project’s beneficiary.

The overall purpose of the project is two fold:

• To support Ukraine’s stakeholders to advance substantially the development and restructuring of the coal-mining industry in a socially-responsible and cost-effective manner. The Project shall carefully tackle environmental issues and help to gradually eliminate ecological damage caused by mining activities and the closure of unprofitable mines.

• To support the Ministry of Coal Industry and other stakeholders to improve safety standards substantially by developing a pilot scheme functioning as a model for further development of occupational safety standards and providing a grant scheme to finance innovative proposals in the field of mine safety.

The project consists of five components:

Component A: Institutional Strengthening in the Ukrainian Coal Mining Industry

Component B: Master Plan for the Development of the Ukrainian Coal Industry

Component C: Social Policy: Setting up a Social Development Fund

Component D: Improving Occupational Safety

Component E: Catalogue of Contaminated Sites

The round table is a part of Component E which deals with Environmental Issues and designed to provide the assistance to the Ministry of Coal Industry in the form of a comprehensive overview of pollution associated with coal mining (catalogue of mine pollution status) and adequate proposals on how to define risk-based environmental management, measures to reduce the risks and the training of pollution management specialists.

More information on the project at: