Possibility to order publications of the European Union

The Delegation of the European Union offers the possibility to order print EU publications.

How to order?

1. Choose those publications from this list pdf - 205 KB [205 KB] Українська (uk) that are of your interest (many of these publications can be donwloaded here);

2. Send your request (preferebly on the official letterhead paper) to the EU Delegation's general mailing list  (mailto:delegation-ukraine-press@eeas.europa.eu) or by fax (+380-44-253.45.47) and mention:

- the titles of publications and quantity needed

- the concrete purpose/activity, for which you need these printed materials and brochures;

- your target audience that will benefit from these brochures and materials;

- ways of further distribution;

- your contact details (mobile phone, e-mail).

3. It is advisable to pick up the ordered publications at the Delegation of the European Union (Kyiv, Volodymyrska St. 101, working hours 9:00-13:00, 14:00-17:30 Mo-Fr). The postal delivery will be done only in exceptional and well-argued cases and as such should be requested (be sure to provide your full postal address in such case). Please note that only limited quantities can be sent by post.

Be aware of:

- Our stocks are not unlimited;

- Only requests for reasonable quantities will be considered;

- The EU Delegation does reserve itself the right to reconsider the orders that are not properly justified and explained.