Information on tenders in 2015 (19/07/2016)

Invitation to open tender for the contract "Ukraine-Kyiv: EEAS-459-DELUKRK-SER-DIR — Assistance to Ukrainian media; 2015/S 201-363407" (published on 16 October 2015)

Invitation to the tender , Tender specifications , Draft contract


04 November 2015

In reply to a number of questions with regard to open tender EEAS-459-DELUKRK-SER-DIR for the project "Support to the EU Delegation with media-related activities" please see the answers of the EU Delegation to Ukraine:

Q: May an NGO be a tenderer of this open tender?


Q: - As per service contract notice, Section II.2.1. Total quantity or scope Estimated value excluding VAT: Range: between 200 000 and 240 000 EUR, may you please clarify whether this budget includes media buying for the implementation of all the activities listed under 3.3.6 Summary of specific activities of Tender Specifications?

A: The objective of the contract is to establish mutually interesting cooperation and to provide the local media with a valuable content. All ways of cooperation with regional/local media shall be covered by the overall budget.


UPDATE 01/09/2015

EU Delegation to Ukraine intends to launch tenders for the projects listed below under its Information and Communication Programme 2015.

EU Delegation to Ukraineinvites all potential bidders to send letters of interest to the following address, indicating the project/s tender they would like to participate in:

Title and subject of the contract


Indicative time
when the tender is
expected to be

Deadline for expression of interest

Production of publications and promo items


October 2015

30 September

EU News Services and Media campaign: providing news services for journalists and wide public, EU media campaign in selected regions, media monitoring of EU related issues in Ukrainian media, press visits and trainings for journalists


September 2015

Organisation of conferences, exhibitions, round tables


October 2015

30 September 2015

Nation-wide competitions and events for youth: YOUTH FOR EUROPE


October 2015

8 September 2015

Other information, communication and audio-visual production tenders

October 2015

30 September 2015