Civil_society_roadmap (25/03/2015)

EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society in Ukraine

The September 2012 Communication from the European Commission “The Roots of Democracy and Sustainable Development: Europe’s Engagement with Civil Society in external relations”[1] envisages the elaboration of country roadmaps.

The purpose of the roadmaps is to develop a common strategic frameworkfor the engagement of EU Delegations and Member States with civil society at country level to improve the impact, predictability and visibilityof EU actions. Roadmaps are also intended to improve the consistencyof EU cooperation vis-à-vis civil society, across sectors and instruments, and to progressively promote better coordinationwithin EU Delegations, Member States and other relevant actors.

Roadmaps are seen as a continuous processand will be updated regularly, as well as when major changes in the context take place.

In July 2014, the EU Delegation, together with EU Member States and in consultation with civil society and national authorities has developed the EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society in Ukraine. The Roadmap identifies eight long-term priorities of EU cooperation and engagement with civil society organisations:


1. Enabling environment for the Ukrainian civil society organisations

2. Increased participation of civil society organisations in policymaking, public policy monitoring and service delivery and stronger cooperation between civil society, authorities, media and business at all levels

3. Improved legitimacy and representativeness of civil society organisations and their stronger capacity to engage in policy dialogue and policy-making processes, public policy monitoring and oversight

4. Further inclusion and integration of civil society into EU's political and operational relations with Ukraine, focusing on the implementation of the Association Agreement

5. Support for civil society's role in conflict prevention, humanitarian work and post-conflict environments in the eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea

6. Greater accountability and transparency of public policies in energy, energy efficiency and environment through increased engagement with civil society

7. Further involvement of civil society in governance and security sector reforms and promotion of the respect for rule of law and human rights

8. Increased civil society's role in promoting economic development and contributing to the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.


The full text of the Roadmap is available here pdf - 153 KB [153 KB] .