Political framework

The political framework of the EU / Timor-Leste relations is provided by the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. More specifically, Article 8 therein foresees regular structured meetings between the EU (led by the Member State or the Commission that represents the EU Presidency) and the Government of the ACP partner country (usually represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and accompanied by the NAO and other high Government officials directly concerned by the Agenda of each meeting). Such meetings allow frank discussions on topics of mutual interest, and also allow carrying out an outline monitoring of the compliance of the two parties to their respective commitments as these are stipulated in the CSP/NIP.

The ACP states and the EU have agreed to further enhance the political dimension of their partnership by means of a systematic and formal dialogue based on the principles of partnership and ownership. The foreseen association of the civil society and other stakeholders aim at enhancing the effectiveness and viability of the overall cooperation.

In Timor-Leste, the EU Delegation and the Government have agreed, in principle, to hold soon their first political dialogue meeting, preferably by mid-2010. The specific points to be included in the relevant agenda are the subject of internal consultations of the two partners.

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