TurnAround Management (TAM) Programme

The TurnAround Management (TAM) Programme helps small and medium to large sized enterprises transform themselves. TAM advisors enable enterprises to make structural changes and develop new business skills at senior management level, helping them to thrive and compete in market economies. The Programme is being operated by the EBRD and EU has been providing most of the funding for its implementation (above 50%). Since its inception in 1993, TAM has carried out over 1,500 enterprise-restructuring projects using more than €97 million of donor funding.

Within the TAM Programme, the selected potentially viable enterprises are to receive a tailor made technical assistance from experienced former CEOs and directors from economically-developed countries. Advisors transfer management and technical know-how to enterprises, conveying principles of responsible corporate governance and sharing commercial experience directly with senior managers. No funding is given to the enterprises directly.

The TAM Programme strives to:

  • Assist SMEs to comply with industrial legislation and develop sound environmental practices.
  • Help SME management prepare a business plan, based on best international business practices.
  • Establish strategic direction and attract external investment and finance.
  • Advise on design and production capabilities to be comparable with international competitors.
  • Improve SMEs’ competitive positions with marketing strategies and network of international contacts.
  • Introduce new and industry-specific business skills directly to the senior management of SMEs.
  • Achieve sustainable results by changing the enterprise business culture and improving business viability, etc.

In June 2010, the EU awarded a grant contract to EBRD to finance the operation of the TAM Programme in the country for the following 2 years. Within this Programme, the EBRD will provide counseling and advices to at least 20 local companies with an objective to improve their competitiveness and explore the companies growth potentials. The Call for company application will be published in the local newspapers on the web site of TAM/BAS programme and the web site of EU Delegation Skopje.

The first call should take place within the following three months. The interested companies may also contact directly the local TAM/BAS office on: http://www.basprog.com.mk

  • Adress: 1st Floor Flat 1 Illindenska 47 1000 Skopje
  • Tel: +389 2 329 6867
  • Fax: +389 2 329 6868
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