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The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the largest network for business cooperation in the Europe, which helps companies to improve their operation and introduce innovations through partnerships, information and professional counselling. It started to operate in January 2008 building on the 10 years experience of the Network of European Information Centres and the Network of the Centres for Technology Transfer. Today EEN brings together business support organisations from across 45 countries. They are connected through powerful databases and know Europe inside out. With more than 570 member organisations, EEN services are available to 25 million companies from EU and other countries participants in the network.

The European Information and Innovation Centre of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (EIIC) is part of the EEN network. It is operated by four consortia members: University "Kiril and Metodij", Agency for promotion of entrepreneurship, Chamber of Economy and Foundation for management and industrial research. The establishment and operation of the Centre was supported by the EC and Government of the country. The services of the centre, as well as other Network branches, target the small and medium sized companies, but are also accessible for the business and research organisations and well as universities.

The EIIC as part of the Enterprise Europe network provides wide rage of services free of charge for companies and organisations. The services include:

  • Assisting companies to go international by providing information on foreign markets (such as: custom tariffs, EU legislation and requirements, product certification, etc.). The EIIC also organises matchmaking events across Europe where the companies meet potential business partners in person.
  • Providing information about EU legislation, alert companies to tender opportunities and provide training. EIIC experts can advice companies about European policies and available funding programmes relevant to a specific business.
  • The EIIC also provides information and advice on intellectual property and patents. It helps companies to find new markets and explore export opportunities.
  • Helping companies to introduce new technology, as the EIIC has access to Europe’s largest database of cutting-edge technologies, containing more than 13,000 profiles. The Network brings together research and commercial applications.

You may contact the EEN on or the local branch of the EEN, the European Information and Innovation Centre the in the country on:

European Information & Innovation Centre

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