EU Assistance

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been given the prospect of becoming an EU member state. On its way towards membership, the European Union provides continuous support and financial assistance in order to help the country with the necessary reforms.

Between 1992 and the introduction of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) in 2007, the financial assistance from the European Union, distributed mainly through the PHARE and CARDS programmes, totalled over 800 million Euro.

The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) came into effect at the start of 2007 (Multi-Annual Indicative Financial Framework 2011-2013 COM (2009) 543 from 14.10.2009) and is to provide nearly 11.5 billion euro to candidate and potential candidate countries in the period 2007-2013.

For the period 2007-2013, assistance provided in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia through IPA covers five components:

  1. Institution Building,
  2. Cross-border Co-operation,
  3. Regional Development,
  4. Human Resource Development and
  5. Rural Development.

The Commission earmarked a total of 622.4 million euro for the period 2007-2013 for the country which  will also benefit from the IPA multi-beneficiary programme.

EU assistance is targeted at directly benefiting citizens. The projects it supports are geared to bringing the candidates and potential candidates into line with EU standards. They are also designed to progressively entrust administrations in the beneficiary countries with the decentralised management of EU funds. Decentralised management of EU funds involves the transfer of responsibility from the Commission to the Contracting Authority of the beneficiary country. The Contracting Authority becomes responsible for the tendering and contracting, as well as the financial and administrative management of the projects. In addition to boosting the sense of ownership in pre-accession phase, it also helps to prepare the countries for the management methods they will have to deploy as they come closer to benefiting from EU funds as Member States.

TAIEX instrument - Technical Assistance and Information Exchange

In addition, European Union offers the TAIEX instrument - Technical Assistance and Information Exchange that helps partner countries become acquainted with, apply and enforce EU law, and monitor their progress in doing so.

It funds short-term peer-to-peer technical assistance, advice and training, provided mainly in 3 ways:

  • workshops attended by officials from beneficiaries' administrations
  • expert missions that provide in-depth advice to beneficiaries' administrations
  • study visits to EU countries' administrations.

TAIEX assistance is open to:

  • civil servants working in public administrations (national, regional, etc.) and associations of local authorities
  • judiciary and law enforcement authorities
  • parliaments/legislative bodies and their staff
  • professional/commercial associations, workers & employers' groups
  • translators and revisers of legislative texts.

TAIEX assistance is not available to private citizens or individual companies.

Calendar of TAIEX events pdf - 123 KB [123 KB] .

TAIEX Local Administration Facility (LAF)

LAF supports seminars on key EU policies with an impact at local level for both elected members and permanent officials of local and regional authorities.

The seminars not only present the relevant EU acquis but also provide good examples of implementation of the EU legislation and initiatives by municipalities in Member States.

LAF can also include visits to EU institutions. In this framework and in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions, the programme offers the possibility of meeting leading representatives of local and regional authorities in the EU.

The seminars gather participants from all IPA beneficiaries and provide a platform for exchange and networking. The project not only supports the establishment of contacts and partnerships between the participants but also among these participants and experts from Member States' municipalities.

Indicative list of LAF events pdf - 296 KB [296 KB] .