List of Activities - Market Access

19-20 September 2013 - Workshop on "Practical Arrangements for Implementing System Audits and Pre-listing Approach on Imports of Animals and Animal Products between European Union (EU) and Thailand"
Hotel Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Jointly arranged by the European Union and the Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand, the workshop was held as part of an ongoing cooperation between Thailand and the EU in ensuring increased transparency regarding import procedures and conditions for animals and animal-based products from EU member nations. The event serves as a preparatory step ahead of the launch of new standards while also ensuring common understanding of the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures utilized by both parties.

Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded here:

30 April, 2013 – A Seminar on EU Regulations on Food Labelling
Hotel Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

With new regulations on provision of food information to consumers set to be implemented in EU nations, the European Union is seeking to ensure widespread understanding of the revised legislation among Thai food exporters. This joint seminar, held by the EU and Thailand’s National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards, made available a wide range of transparent, accurate and up-to-date information on EU food labeling practices to all stakeholders.

Presentations of the speakers can be downloaded here:

7 March, 2013 – A Seminar on EU Feed Rules and Feed Import Requirements and the Global Feed & Livestock Trends
The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok

The European Union is seeking to sustain a high level of quality and safety for food and feed products through regulations that address the entire food chain from farm to fork. As one of the EU's major trading partners in agricultural products, Thailand is required to meet the standards defined by these regulations in order to maintain uninterrupted trade relations. This seminar, jointly organised by the European Union and the Board of Trade of Thailand, aims to inform Royal Thai Government officials and the private sector of the latest information on issues and regulations affecting feed production and experts.

Presentations featured in the seminar can be downloaded here:

21st October, 2011 – Seminar on EU Plant Health Requirements
Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok Hotel

This seminar provided participants with insight into import control measures used by the EU to protect against the potential introduction of harmful pests with the goal of ensuring a smooth trade relationship between the EU and Thailand.

Presentations of the speakers can be downloaded here:


25th May, 2011 - Seminar on EU Competition Law for Thai Business
Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel

This seminar presented attendees with information on the structure and applications of EU competition law as well as its impact on Thai businesses, including advice on how to cope with EU anti-competitive practices.

Speakers’ presentations can be downloaded from links listed below:

July and September 2011 – Workshops on Improving Controls Systems in Thailand for Plants and Plant Products Intended for Export to the EU Multiple venues

A series of workshops was conducted under three sub-activities.


24-25 April 2012 - Workshop on EU Trade Defense Instruments: Sharing Experience
The Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel

Through the Trade Defence Directorate, the European Union has long sought to protect its economy from international trade distortions through instruments that fully comply with EU law and regulations laid out by the World Trade Organization. Additionally, the Directorate also tracks the execution and efficiency of its own measures, those used by non-EU countries, and collaborate with trading partners for the drafting of new rules.

The two-day workshop aims at disseminating transparent, accurate and up-to-date EU trade-related regulatory information to relevant stakeholders in order to build capacity among the Thai government officials on EU trade-related policies and regulations as well as international practices; transfer knowledge on EU best practices to relevant Thai counterparts; and support deeper understanding of the EU procedures and practices for Trade Defence Instruments.

All presentations of the two-day workshop can be downloaded below.

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