Thailand – EU Cooperation Facility Phase II (TEC II)

The European Union launched the Thailand-EU Cooperation Facility Phase II (TEC II) in March 2011 to assist Thailand in furthering sustainable economic and social development and its integration into the world economy.

The 3-year facility, designed to foster Thailand's constructive policy dialogue and cooperation with the EU, is divided into two parts.
Under the Policy Dialogue Support Component (PDSC), seminars, workshops, studies and campaigns will be organized and technical assistance will be provided to stimulate policy dialogues between the two partners. Under Grants, funding will be allocated to universities, NGOs or business organisations that initiate projects supporting national development goals.

Four main themes have been identified for the TEC II Facility:

  1. Trade and Investment
  2. Education, Science and Technology
  3. Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development
  4. Good Governance

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