Project fiche

A community-based mental health and development programme to address the needs and rights of poor mentally ill people in Tanzania

Sector: Basic health care

EU Contribution: € 627,474.37 (68% of total).

Implementing organisation: Basic Needs Trust

Duration: from 01/2008 to 07/2011

Description: The project aims at providing mentally ill people access to medical treatment and development opportunities to enable them to protect their rights and meet their basic needs. It seeks also to capacitate local and national systems and organisations to integrate mentally ill people into community-based care and development opportunities in Mtwara

Location : mentally ill men, women, boys and girls and carers Tanzania, Mtwara Region (Mtwara Urban, Mtwara Rural, Masasi, Tandahimba and Newala District)



Programme Officer
Tel: 255 22 2117473/6
Fax: 255 22 2113277