Launch of Europe Week 2011 Celebrating Volunteering in Tanzania Make a Difference-Jitolee: Leta Mabadiliko (06/05/2011)

Today, May 6th, the EU will launch a programme of activities to celebrate the work of volunteers in Tanzania.

'Volunteer: Make a Difference; Jitolee: Leta Mabadiliko

The programme will start on Saturday 7th May with the active participation of EU staff and Tanzanians in two community development projects in Kinondoni, and will continue through to Wednesday 11th May in Zanzibar. A full programme is attached.

Every year the EU selects a theme. Past annual themes have been on the promotion of intercultural dialogue; innovation and creativity; and combating poverty and social exclusion.This year, 2011 the theme chosen is Volunteering.

A unique set of activities have been put together throughout Tanzania to draw attention and awareness to the role of volunteers – people who give their services for others. It will find, identify and celebrate Tanzanians, many of whom are 'unsung heroes' who have served their communities in all sorts of areas, health, education, the environment. Ands who have done this without fanfare, without reward, without recognition.

Ambassador Tim Clarke of the EU said: "Everyone can make a difference. Volunteering your time, volunteering your energy and vitality, volunteering your skills and knowledge. Giving this for free, to help others – there can be no nobler cause. Mark Twain said: Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Someone said: 'Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something'. Our events that we launch today, have been put together by a range of individuals and organisations who have selflessly devoted their lives to helping others. At a time in Tanzania's history when citizens are looking back at their achievements over the last 50 years, we think it is highly fitting and appropriate that we in the EU celebrate those who have done so much to help others.


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