The ACP Observatory on Migration is commissioning a study examining "The Impacts of South-South Migration on Development in the United Republic of Tanzania" with the assistance of Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr). (05/05/2011)

The ACP Observatory on Migration is an initiative of the Secretariat of the Africa, Caribbeanand Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union. It is implemented by theInternational Organization for Migration (IOM) leading a Consortium of 15 other partners andworking with 3 associates. The ACP Observatory is funded by the European Union, and withthe financial support of Switzerland. The ACP Observatory is included in a larger intra-ACPMigration Facility, which aims to build institutional capacity in the ACP countries andstrengthen the civil society with the ultimate goal to include migration issues into national andregional development strategies.

A research team will be selected through a Call for Proposals to undertake the researchactivities. The study is expected to last maximum one year in Tanzania and is expected togenerate two key outputs:

  1. a nationally representative household survey and
  2. a country report.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 20 May 2011, noon (GMT+1). All proposals shouldbe sent to, copying .

Eligibility criteria:

Any natural and legal persons, ideally as a research team, from the 79 ACP States and 27Member States of the European Union can apply.

Required documents:

  • A Concept Note;
  • A list of members of the research team, including an indication of who will carry outthe household survey;
  • A budget outline
  • A proposed plan of action;
  • and the signed Service Tender Submission Form, including the Statement ofExclusivity and Availability

For more information on how to submit the Call of proposals please go to: