“TAJIKISTAN IN TRANSITION: Can good macroeconomic policy combat poverty?” (02/07/2014)

Prepared as a result of EU financed technical assistance in support of Public Financial Management reforms in Tajikistan 

Dushanbe, July 2, 2014 – The publication of the book "Tajikistan in Transition: Can good macroeconomic policy combat poverty?" in both Russian and English was announced today in Dushanbe. This is the first publication in the area of macroeconomics and PFM reform with papers by Tajik authors from Ministries, the National Bank of Tajikistan, the Statistical Agency, Parliament, Tajik universities and the Academy of Sciences.

Among topics discussed are the following: macro-performance and socio-economic trends, macroeconomic modelling complex implemented in the Government sector of the RT, an econometric model to forecast Government revenues, coordinating economic and monetary policy in Tajikistan, analysis of Tajikistan's labour market dynamics, methodology of building small econometric models for macroeconomic policy assessment, and also practical analyses of some areas of PFM  reform, such as the new financial management information system implemented by the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister of Economy, Sharif Rahimzoda, and the EU ambassador Eduard Auer provide editorials and there is an invited paper by Prof. Emeritus Paul Hare of Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh on PFM reforms in transition. The book builds on the results of technical assistance to Tajikistan by the European Union in macroeconomic modelling and forecasting to support effective macroeconomic analysis and policy formulation.

The principal project results were presented at a Conference in February 2012 at the Hyatt Hotel in Dushanbe. Most of the conference presentations are included in this publication, as well as some papers from the October 2012 Conference on the results achieved by EU projects and their contribution to PFM reforms in Tajikistan.

The objective of the project was to help to produce sustainable macroeconomic forecasts in the government to strengthen fiscal and economic policy decisions and the coordination of analysis of macroeconomic trends and policy options for short-term macroeconomic stabilization, longer term economic growth and poverty reduction.

The book is published with the support of the European Union. The contents and views expressed are the responsibility of the authors, i.e. Tajik participants and international consultants in two EU-financed projects, ‘Strengthening macroeconomic modelling and forecasting in Tajikistan’, implemented by SOFRECO, and ‘Technical Support for Visibility and Communication on PFM reforms in Tajikistan’, implemented by B&S Europe, and are not intended to reflect the views of the European Union. Publication became possible due to the efforts of the authors and of Prof. Anna V. Shkuropat and Prof. Paul Hare as principal editors.

For additional information please contact: Dr. Anna V. Shkuropat, phone: (+992) 93-44-77-093.