Roundtable on legislative procedures regulating the activities of handicraft sector (24/03/2014)

Dushanbe, March 24, 2014 – As a part of a EU-funded project, a Round Table on the legislative procedures regulating the handicraft sector will be held in Dushanbe on March 27, from 9:00 to 12:00, in the conference hall of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The meeting will see the participation of the newly created Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan and it will represent an important opportunity to discuss the draft Law "on craft activities". During the Round Table, the interim results of an analysis conducted on state regulations affecting the economy sector will be presented and recommendations for improvement will be put forward. Stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the handicraft sector will be engaged in a debate on the best strategies to boost the development of the handicraft industry and strengthen the export capacities of craftsmen.

The round table is organized within the framework of the project "Handicraft and business through regional integration and fair trade market", funded by the European Union under the Central Asia Invest Program. With a of 2-year duration, the project is implemented in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan by the international NGO Cesvi, together with three regional partners: the National Association of Small and Medium Business of Tajikistan and the Union of Craftsmen, in Tajikistan, and the Bishkek Business Club in Kyrgyzstan.

The overall objective of the project is to promote the Tajik and Kyrgyz private sectors with a special emphasis on the regional integration of the handicraft sector. This objective will be achieved through the capacity building and support to Tajik and Kyrgyz handicraft intermediary organizations.

For further information, please contact Gulnoz Rakhmatulloeva, Tel. (93) 511-50-53, email

This project is funded by the European Union

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