The Joint Opening Ceremony of the Eight Newly Established EU FP Thematic National Contact Points (11/01/2010)

The National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan and European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) held The Joint Opening Ceremony of the Eight Newly Established EU FP Thematic National Contact Points on 11 January at the Technology Building. The attended guests included the project investigators and their team of the eight thematic NCPs, the representative officers of the European offices in Taipei, including Spain, France, Finland, Hungry, Slovak, Czech, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, and the project investigators of the cooking proposals from various universities. In addition to the inauguration of the eight thematic NCPs, NSC and EETO hoped that through this joint opening ceremony, the internal researchers may learn more about EU FP and National Contact Point in Taiwan (NCP Taiwan), and furthermore, increase the international cooperation and the competitiveness of science and technology in Taiwan.

The joint opening ceremony began with the exquisite performance of Prof. Chen-Chieh Chang, the most famous cellist in Taiwan, Prof. Wan-Ling Hsieh, the pianist and Prof. Lu-How Chu, the best Chinese Opera artist in Asia. Then Dr. Lou-Chuang Lee, Minister of National Science Council, and Mr. Guy Ledoux, Head of the European Economic and Trade Office in Taipei, both gave the opening remark. They mentioned that NCP Taiwan has been playing an important role since its establishment in 2008. NCP Taiwan provides relevant information in different fields to internal researchers. Furthermore, it bridges Taiwanese researchers and our R&D capacities with Europe. The NSC decided to establish eight thematic NCPs as follows: (1) Energy (2) Environment (3) Health (4) Information and Communication Technologies (5) Socioeconomic Science and the Humanities (6) Food, Agriculture and Biology (7) Nanoscience, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies and (8) Security, among which the last three are trial NCPs. NSC expected the thematic NCPs to effectively help internal researchers gain more FP related information and to build connections with Europe. At the beginning of the inauguration, the project investigators of each eight thematic NCPs gave a brief speech introducing their office, and hen Prof. Lou-Chuang Lee and Mr. Guy Ledoux pressed the button together to officially inaugurate the eight thematic NCPs. This is undoubtedly a milestone for both Taiwan and Europe.

There are currently 19 EU FP projects with Taiwanese participantsr. Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan from Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene at National Taiwan University and Prof. Chia-Chuen Kao from Costal Ocean Monitoring Center at National Cheng Kung University are two of them. The two distinguished professors shared their experience and achievements after the inauguration. The speech not only helped the guests understand more about FP projects, but also increased their confidence in FP participation.

The Joint Opening Ceremony of the Eight Newly Established EU FP Thematic National Contact Points was successful. Each Thematic NCPs disseminated the objective and service of their office. In addition, they also provided a platform for the researchers to exchange experience and knowledge. NSC hopes that NCP Taiwan and the eight thematic NCPs may integrate the research and development resources in Taiwan, provide relevant information and promote more cooperative opportunities between Taiwan and Europe and finally, increase the competitiveness and enhance the visibility of Taiwanese science and technology capacities to the world.