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EU Centre Taiwan (EUTW)

The European Union Centre was an initiative operating from 1998 to 2015 in which the EU established European Union Centres in prestigious universities in developed countries. It aimed at promoting EU research globally, encourage cooperation, and civil and academia exchange between the EU and third countries.

Despite variations in name, Centres in different countries are formed by mandate of the European Commission who act not only as platforms for the exchanges and cooperation between academia and civil society of their own country, but also create linkages among these Centres to form global and regional networks for studying the EU.

Work on making the EU Centre in Taiwan a reality began in early 2008. The Preparatory Committee of National Taiwan University (NTU) for the Creation of the EU Centre in Taiwan (EUTW) was immediately established, and actively united six other Taiwanese universities around Taiwan into a single consortium. The Consortium consists of NTU, National Chengchi University (NCCU), National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Catholic Fu-Jen University (FJU), Tamkang University (TKU), National Sun Yat Sen University (NSYSU), and National Dong Hua University (NDHU).

Despite the fact that the global EU Centre initiative came to an end in 2015, the EU Centre Taiwan will maintain the branding and the network in Taiwan. The consortium will continue to promote studies of the European Union, academic and civil society exchanges and cooperation in Taiwan.

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EU Information Centres in Taiwan (EUi)

The EUi centres provide services for the academic public, governmental bodies and institutions, non-governmental organisations, enterprises and other interested groups. Their resources include more than 1,500 publications and more than 10,000 volumes published by the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and other EU institutions and organisations. All publications are electronically processed to create a database searchable by various criteria. Each EUi also provides on-line and off-line services for all its users. A separate collection of EU legal documentation, statistical reference data and general information is also available.

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) at Tamkang University (TKU), the first one centre in Taiwan is open in 1979. The EDC has since then receive all the official publications and documentation of the EU's institutions and various governing bodies. They include the texts of all legislations made by the European Commission, as well as the bulletins, green papers, white papers, reports, policy statements, statistical material, and records of debates, etc.

The EUi at TKU has been publishing an EUi Newsletter quarterly since April 2004. Each newsletter includes current developments in research on the EU, academic analysis of European integration, readers’ views on EU-related subjects, a list of new EU-related publications and an update on the latest EU activities.

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