Human Rights Day: Ambassador Tomas says Europe will continue to protect human rights defenders worldwide (12/12/2013)

Ambassador Tomas: Europe will continue to protect human rights defenders worldwide

The Delegation of the European Union to Sudan hosted a reception, concert and award ceremony at its gardens yesterday on the occasion of the International Day for Human Rights. The event was attended by human rights defenders and activists, European Ambassadors and other representatives of foreign missions, civil society organizations, international organizations and a wide range of Sudanese politicians and guests who celebrated together the EU Human Rights Day 2013.

The audience was entertained by the famous Sudanese women band Al Balabil who performed together with the Nubian Band a variety of Sudanese folk and dance music that was well received by the Sudanese and international audience. At the end of the concert, Al Balabil were honoured by the European Union Ambassador for their contribution to the development of Sudanese art and the role of women in music in Sudan.

During the reception, five other human rights defenders were awarded the EU Delegation's "Heroes for Human Rights Award 2013" for their courageous struggle in strengthening human rights. Dr. Amin Mekki Medani, a prominent Sudanese lawyer and activist was awarded for his local and international efforts in promoting human rights. Dr. Faisal Saleh, a columnist, was awarded for his role in promoting press freedom and training of many journalists. Prof. Faroug Ibrahim was awarded for his work in defending activists for more than 20 years in Sudan. Ms. Jalila Khamis Koko, a teacher and political activist, was awarded for her role in advocating for women rights in the Nuba Mountains and allover Sudan. The Faculty of Law at the University of Khartoum was awarded for its role in teaching human rights and graduating thousands of lawyers and judges who contribute positively to the rule of law in Sudan.

In their statements, all the activists thanked the European Union for its support to human rights worldwide and called for more peace, awareness, and respect for human rights in Sudan.

Ambassador Tomas Ulicny said at the celebrations that the promotion of human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights requires a continuous, ambitious and collective effort of all nations and people. He reiterated the European Union's commitment to the values and principles spelled out in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and recalled in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which constitutes the basis of the European society. Ambassador Ulicny added that since 2005, the European Union has supported 79 organizations working on human rights in the Sudan.

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Al Balabil Women Band awarded for promoting cultural diversity in SudanMr. Faisal Saleh, Columnist awarded for his efforts in encouraging press freedomsUniversity of Khartou, Faculty of Law awarded for strengthening human rights educationDr. Amin Mekki Medani awarded for his local and international role in strengthening human rights