Returned Darfur leader says working to topple Regime (04/10/2011)

(AFP) A top Darfuri rebel leader, back from Libya, told AFP he is working with other armed groups to topple the Sudanese regime and that UN reports of violence subsiding in Darfur are inaccurate.  "I have returned to my country to fight for the rights of the people in all regions of Sudan... and to put in place a programme for the next stage in the resistance to this despotic regime," Khalil Ibrahim said in a written response to emailed questions. Analysts have warned that Ibrahim's return to Darfur last month is likely to escalate the violence in Darfur, which the UN-African Union peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) says has dropped sharply so far this year, and could aggravate the fighting in Sudan's southern border region.  Ibrahim said even if there was a decline in violence in Darfur resulting from battles around populated areas, this was because some of the rebel factions had temporarily left the area, while alleging that the army's attacks continued.  Ibrahim confirmed his movement has been fighting alongside the SPLM-North in South Kordofan and said they also had a presence in eastern Sudan, where a decade-long rebellion against Khartoum ended with a fragile peace agreement in 2006.