Solar energy & wind installations in Northern Somalia (Courtesy ADRA)

Despite having one of the lowest energy consumptions per capita in the world, Somalia mainly utilizes for its energy needs biomass (charcoal & firewood) which is threatening the sustainability of its vulnerable natural resources. Imported petroleum products are expensive and accessible only to a small rich segment of the population. Somalia is therefore obliged to increasing its energy consumption crucial for economic development by tapping its renewable energy resources - sun and wind – and using of charcoal and firewood more efficiently.

The EC is therefore financing, mainly in Somaliland and Puntland, interventions aimed at improving the awareness of communities & public authorities on environmental cost of traditional energy sources and the existence of alternative energy options, increasing the utilization of wind and solar energy in productive sectors (water supply, education, health, irrigation and households) as well in schools and public buildings, promoting the use of energy-efficient cook-stoves, improved charcoal production and use of noxious species such as Prosopis spp. and improving the capacity of local companies to produce energy efficient cook-stoves and design, install, manage and maintain solar and wind equipment.

Energy-saving cook stoves (Courtesy ADRA)

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