EU provides €4 million to Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone (15/03/2012)

The Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone has officially launched the 'Environmental Governance and Mainstreaming Project' after the European Union provided the sum of four million euros (4,000,000 euros) in the form of a grant from the Tenth European Development Fund to ensure the effective implementation of the project. The project, which operational implementation is expected to last for forty-eight months has as its general objective to contribute towards poverty reduction and achieving environmental sustainability.

"This support to the Environmental Protection Agency Sierra Leone will help the agency to be fully operational and ensure the core functions of its mandate at central and decentralized levels and make progress in becoming financially sustainable. It will also mainstream the efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency Sierra Leone leading to the development of coherent environmental policies, regulations and standards on environment and climate change," said the Head of the European Union Delegation, Jean-Pierre Reymondet-Commoy