On 2-3 September, the theatre “School of dramatic art” will host the second session of the international action “SloWar: Dictionary of war (Moscow)” supported by the EU and other donors. This is part of a series of activities looking at different aspects of war and their contemporary significance. This time the action focuses on exit ways out of war (SloWar-X).

The second session of the international action “SloWar: Dictionary of war (Moscow)” marks the completion of the project co-funded by the European Union and implemented by the Civitas Russia Foundation and the international journal “Lettre International”. The project aimed at the creation of an open forum for international, interdisciplinary, intellectual discussion on fundamental issues of the contemporary culture. Moreover, the project compiled and published Russian editions of “Lettre International” that brings together intellectuals from all over the world in their efforts to comprehend the complexity of modern society.

The “Exit out of war (SloWar-X)” is an opportunity to speak about continuing wars that are still going on as a result of traumas and await their termination. This year, the session of the international action “SloWar: Dictionary of war” coincides with the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The action will bring together more than 30 participants including well-known film directors, writers, artists, composers, poets and philosophers from Russia, Germany, Poland, the USA, Iceland, India, Serbia, Georgia and Latvia. Each participant is asked to choose a concept word reflecting one aspect of war and to present it to the audience in any form varying form an oral presentation to a happening or performance. These conceptual discourses put in alphabetical order will compile a “Dictionary of war”.

The action starts on 2 September at 15:00 hrs at the theatre “School of dramatic art” in the Globe Hall and will be continued on 3 September. In parallel to the discussions, thematic art exhibitions and video-art presentations will be on display in the Atrium Hall of the theatre. The organizers will provide simultaneous interpretation (Russian and English) and live webcasting (www.slowar.tv).

Date and time: 2–3 September 2010 at 15:00 hrs
Venue: Theatre “School of dramatic art” (19/27, Sretenka str., Moscow)  
For participation and media accreditation to the second session of the international action
“SloWar: Dictionary of War” please contact the organizers by e-mail: slowar.tv@gmail.com


The project “SloWar: Dictionary of War” is funded by the European Union under the Institution Building Partnership Programme supporting EU-Russia cultural cooperation initiatives with a total budget of two million euro. This is one of 9 projects selected under an open call for proposals launched by the EU Delegation to Russia in 2008. “SloWar: Dictionary of war” builds on the project “Letterra.org” which is a joint initiative of the Civitas Russia Foundation and “Logos Publishers” (Moscow) in partnership with the German edition of the international journal “Lettre International” (Berlin). “Lettre International” is one of the most successful projects of the international intellectual journal which is being developed by six national editorial boards. The main objective of the “Letterra.org” project is to create a platform for international interactions and exchange of views between intellectuals on the basis of the Russian language. The first session of “SloWar: Dictionary of war (Moscow)” was held in 2009.

More information about the project and programme at: http://ec.europa.eu/delegations/russia/documents/eu_russia/compenium_en.pdf