IBPP: Support to Cultural Cooperation Initiative (finalised)

The Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP): Support to EU-Russia Cultural Cooperation Initiative (2007-2009) has been part of the EU-Russia Cooperation Programme designed to support grass root initiatives in the area of culture.

Culture is becoming increasingly important in the EU-Russia relationship. The EU and Russia have agreed to promote a structured approach to cultural cooperation between the enlarged EU and Russia, to foster creativity and mobility of artists, public access to culture, the dissemination of art and culture, inter-cultural dialogue and knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of other peoples of Europe.

An EU-Russia Joint Working Group on Cultural cooperation and an EU-Russia Permanent Partnership Council on Culture were established in 2007. At the first meeting of the Council in Lisbon in October 2007 the EU and the Russian Federation emphasized the essential role of cultural operators and civil society as well as people to people contacts in cultural cooperation.

In 2007 the Delegation of the European Commission to Russia launched the first thematic call for proposals specifically focused on culture. The purpose was to support the EU-Russia cultural initiatives implemented through partnerships among non-governmental organizations, local/regional authorities, artistic universities, museums and other cultural institutions from the EU and Russia. As a result, in 2007 eight joint EU-Russia projects with the total budget of 2 million euro were selected.

In 2008 - 2009 the European Commission continued its activities aimed at boosting cooperation with Russia in the cultural field and promoting innovative artistic and cultural projects with a European dimension.

The projects were selected via open calls for proposal.

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