EU Centre VOICES in Tatarstan


The EU Centre VOICES, established in January 2012 at Kazan Federal University, promotes a better awareness and understanding of the European Union, its governance, policies and progress towards integration both internally and with non-EU partners.


  • development and modernisation of courses on European topics (scholarship for teachers);
  • implementation of the joint degree in European Studies;
  • organising international conferences, seminars and summer schools;
  • research on EU-Russia relations, the problem of European integration;
  • support to students' Euroclub.

Address:Russian Federation 
Republic of Tatarstan
420008, Kazan
Kremlyovskaya str., 18
Telephone:+7 (843) 233 70 21
Director:Irina Kuznetsova
Administrator:Natalia Chernova
Coordinators at partner-universities
Samara State University (Russia)Oxana Zaporozhets
Udmurt Statу University (Russia)Natalya Ladyzhets
University of Portsmouth (UK)Paul Flenley
University of Birmingham (UK)John Round
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