Justice, Freedom and Security

Cooperation between the EU and the Russian Federation in the field of Justice, Freedom and Security is now a key component in the development of the strategic partnership. The EU is focused on making progress in the implementation of the roadmap for the EU-Russia Common Space of Freedom, Security and Justice. The Permanent Partnership Councils (PPCs) on Justice, Freedom and Security set priorities and monitor progress in its regular meetings.

Migration and asylum

The EU and Russia aim at further enhancing cooperation on migration and asylum. For this purpose, in 2011 they decided to establish a specific EU-Russia Migration Dialogue which brings together experts to discuss issues related to international protection, irregular migration, migration and development, and legal migration.

Border management

The European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the EU (FRONTEX) has been cooperating on an operational basis with its Russian counterparts on the basis of a working arrangement established in 2006. This practical cooperation comprises risk analyses, training, and research and development related to border management, as well as possible joint operations under the aegis of FRONTEX.

The fight against organised crime

Significant steps have been taken in strengthening cooperation in the fight against organised crime:

The EU and Russia also aim at sign an agreement on the control of drug precursors which would strengthen administrative cooperation to prevent the diversion of drug precursors.

The fight against trafficking of human beings, money laundering and terrorist financing and cybercrime represent potential fields of strengthened cooperation between the EU and Russia. The EU and Russia hold regular consultations on counter-terrorism and anti-corruption activities.

Judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters

Informal talks have been held between the EU and Russia on judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters. Eurojust and Russia aim at further strengthening their cooperation.

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