EU financial contribution to FAO

FAO's Regular Programme budget is funded by its Members, through contributions set at the FAO Conference. The regular budget for 2016-2017 is $1.005.6 million. The regular budget is composed of assessed contributions, each country having the obligation to pay an annual contribution calculated under UN budgetary rules. This regular budget is used to finance the daily functioning of FAO as well as basic actions directly falling under its mandate (such as technical cooperation). Since each of the 28 EU Member States are paying their own contribution, the EU does not contribute to FAO's regular budget as such, but pays an annual fee to cover the additional administrative costs caused by its membership to the Organisation.

In addition to the regular budget, FAO relies extensively on extra-budgetary resources from member countries to finance specific programmes and projects. The voluntary contributions provided by members and other partners support technical and emergency assistance to governments, as well as direct support to FAO's core work. The voluntary contributions are expected to reach $1.7 billions for the 2016-2017 biennium. The EU is the largest donor to FAO's extra-budgetary resources.

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