Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Actions

The manual mainly covers the written and visual identity of the EU. It sets out requirements and guidelines for briefings, written material, press conferences, presentations, invitations, signs, commemorative plaques and all other tools used to highlight EU participation. In addition, it offers tools designed to enable the development of a dynamic communication strategy that will highlight the achievements of EU support.

EU Donor Atlas 2010

The EU Donor Atlas 2010 presents an overview of development cooperation activities funded by the 27 EU Members and the European Commission. Its aim is to help all Member States gain a better understanding of each other's activities and work towards a better division of labour. The exercise is part of the EU effort to strengthen coordination and harmonisation.

Cooperación regional UE-CAN 2010

Presents the cooperation funded by the European Commission that has been done with the Andean Community, through the various projects in the recent years. In Spanish.

Programas temáticos 2010

Presents the cooperation of the European Union has been carried out with civil society and local authorities in Peru, through various programs and tools for development. In Spanish.

Toolkit on mainstreaming gender equality in EC development cooperation

Provides specific guidelines on how to integrate operational gender equality in country programming and the different modalities of aid implementation.

Introduction to the thematic instruments and programmes for 2007-10

Publication prepared by EuropeAid to explain the various thematic programs in the budget cycle for 2007-2010.

Environmental Integration Handbook for EC Development Co-operation

This handbook defines an operational framework for integrating the environment into EC development cooperation. The handbook is divided into 6 chapters: Chapters 1/2 illustrate the rationale and concepts along with the policy framework. Chapters 3 to 6 focus on programming and aid-delivery modalities and illustrate main tools and procedures.