European Union - New Zealand Cooperation in Education

European Union Centres Network

The New Zealand European Union Centres Network is a network of seven New Zealand universities that aims to combine the three elements of research, teaching and outreach under a unique thematic umbrella focused on the impact, role and understanding of the European Union within New Zealand and the wider Pacific region. The Network is multidisciplinary in orientation and open to all New Zealand universities with an interest in European Union Studies. More

National Centre for Research on Europe

In 2000, the forerunner to the NCRE - the Centre for Research on Europe - was founded at Canterbury. In 2002 a grant from the European Commission was awarded and at this time the Centre became the National Centre for Research on Europe. The NCRE remains the only EU-dedicated tertiary level centre in New Zealand. Since then, the NCRE has developed significantly in both academic and outreach activities, involving a variety of roles and mechanisms. It has also established an effective form of collaboration with 4 other NZ universities (Auckland, Victoria, Otago and Lincoln) and one Australian university (Melbourne) during this time. More

European Union Information Centres in New Zealand

Supported and established by the European Union, European Union Information Centres stock official publications, documents and information about and by the European Union. They can help you find information on a variety of subjects including European law, integration, policies and EU institutions. More