Main documents for EU policy and cooperation with Myanmar

Comprehensive Framework for the European Union's policy and support to Myanmar pdf - 111 KB [111 KB] . In July 2013, the Foreign Affairs Council agreed on the Comprehensive Framework which sets out the EU and Member States’ goals and priorities until 2015. Priority areas of engagement are: Peace; Democracy; Development and Trade; and Myanmar’s re-engagement with the international community.

The Joint programming of the European Union Development Partners' Transitional Strategy for Myanmar (2014-2016) pdf - 337 KB [337 KB] . The Joint EU Transitional Strategy for Myanmar for 2014-2016 was successfully launched with the Government of Myanmar in November 2014. The single framework that will guide the European Development Partners in their assistance to Myanmar represents the EU’s and its Member States' commitment to aid effectiveness, working together to make a strong contribution to Myanmar's ongoing development.

EU Multiannual Indicative Programme 2014-2020 pdf - 1024 KB [1024 KB] . The EU is one of the largest providers of development funding to Myanmar/Burma, with EUR 688 million (approximately USD 858 million) of bilateral assistance allocated for the period 2014-2020. This development assistance is primarily to be used to support four priority sectors, which were identified after extensive discussions with the government and other stakeholders: Rural development, agriculture and food and nutrition security (EUR 241 million); Education (EUR 241 million); Governance, Rule of Law, State Capacity Building (EUR 96 million); Peacebuilding support (EUR 103 million).

EU Joint Programming Guidance Pac pdf - 280 KB [280 KB] : This Quick Guide briefly explains the purpose and process of Joint Programming.

EU Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society pdf - 205 KB [205 KB] burmese (my)

EU Annual Action Programme 2015, Myanmar

Annual Action Programme 2015, Myanmar - Commission Implementing Decision pdf - 108 KB [108 KB]

Annual Action Programme 2015, Myanmar - Annex 1: Action Document for the Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Programme (MYSAP) pdf - 448 KB [448 KB]

Annual Action Programme 2015, Myanmar - Annex 2: Action Document for the Support to the Reform of the Myanmar Police pdf - 460 KB [460 KB]

Annual Action Programme 2015, Myanmar - Annex 3: Action Document for EU Peace Support in Myanmar – PEACE II pdf - 594 KB [594 KB]