Welcome to the website of the European Union in Myanmar.

This page is intended to serve as your gateway to the EU, its institutions and policies. Here you can find out more about the work we do: the evolving political relationship between the EU and Myanmar, our increasingly close economic and trade relations, our development cooperation and the EU's humanitarian aid. You will also find the latest news from Brussels and information on upcoming events.

The EU's wide-ranging relationship with Myanmar is a fairly young one. When Myanmar in 2011 embarked on its ambitious transition to become a modern democracy, the EU-Myanmar relations have rapidly gained momentum. In 2012, we defined the cornerstones of our relations in a joint statement. In 2013, the EU opened a new, fully-fledged Delegation to Myanmar in Yangon and earmarked substantial funds for the purpose of supporting the country's development. Today, we look back at the first democratic elections in November 2015, to which the EU contributed political support, the largest observation mission as well as important development assistance in the field of democratisation. We look forward to working with the new, democratically-elected government to take the reform process to the next level.

With our own history of war, peacebuilding and reconciliation, dictatorships and democratic transitions the EU is a credible partner when it comes to building the foundations of a strong Union that will protect the rights of its citizens and promote their prosperous future. We are a trusted partner in the political dialogue on peacebuilding, human rights, and the rule of law. We are one of the largest donors in Myanmar, with about one billion euros allocated for development assistance. Our projects promote development in areas which have the greatest effect on the lives of the people of Myanmar: agriculture and food security; education; democratisation and the rule of law; and peacebuilding. We also work with our partners in Myanmar to improve working conditions, production standards, and vocational training in order to boost the local economy, create jobs and help integrate a strong Myanmar into the world market.

I invite you to click through these pages and see for yourself. Please do get in touch with us for any questions, comments or feedback, either by email or on Facebook.

Roland Kobia

EU Ambassador to Myanmar