third edition of the women's week 2016 (28/03/2016)

The third edition of the women's week was organized, from the 5th to the 12th of March2016, at the initiative of the French Embassy and in partnership with the EU, Forum Mulher (the biggest network of civil society organisations promoting gender and women's right) and the International Secretariat of the World March of Women (WMW). The French Embassy dedicated this 3rd edition to the women's future in the motto of "on the road to equality". Throughout the week, debates, movies, dance and music happened in several places including in schools and highlighting the major challenges that the society still have to face to achieve gender equality in all areas of life: education and career, health, relationships between men and women, as well as the role of women in family and community


The mainevent funded by the EU took place on the 5th of March 2016, in an open public place (the FEIMA) located in a park. The day was officialy opened by the High Commissioner from UK and a representative of the Gender Ministry, in presence of officials from the French Embassy and the EU Delegation. Twenty stands from different organisations promoting gender equity and women's empowerment were open to the public all day long, providing information, handicraft, natural products, traditional food, etc. The morning included acycle of information sessions on various themes related to women rights and gender equality such as for example women and economic empowerment, women and natural resources, gender equality and democracy, support to victims of domestic violence, the role of man in the promotion of gender equality, prevention against child marriage, which were organised in cooperation with Non State Actors involved in the promotion of gender equality. The afternoon was dedicated to several cultural events involving civil society and well-known Mozambican artists (actors, singers). Several shows and theatre plays were performed to sensitise on critical issues such as child marriage, domestic violence, LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, etc. The day ended in peak with a concert of music performed by three famous Mozambican singers.


A joint EU/MS press release was published on, Saturday 5th March, to mark the International Women's Day and the month of Women in Mozambique.