#WomeninDev online campaign, from 1 to 8 March 2016! (03/03/2016)

#WomeninDev online campaign, from 1 to 8 March 2016!


Nomination campaign from 1-7 March!

From 1-7 March, external and internal audiences will be invited to join this online campaign and share their inspiring #WomenInDev so that we can offer a photo collage of all women chosen and some other interesting visualizations on 8 March, International Women’s Day, via EuropeAid online channels and all partner channels. The campaign’s objective is to recognise and offer a platform for the work of inspiring women supporting and empowering other women and girls outside of the EU in fulfilling their human potential. All contributions will be compiled using the single and currently unused hashtag #WomeninDev.


On 8 March - International Women’s Day ! !

On 8 March EuropeAid will share on its social media channels - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - a giant compilation of all women nominated for #WomeninDev as well as some visualisations providing more information (word clouds, data visualizations on where these women come from, etc.). We aim to offer the final visuals to all partners on 8 March first thing in the morning, for them to reuse throughout the day. We will also tag all partners and the women nominated in the hope that they can further spread the message about all these inspiring #WomeninDev.


For any question or suggestion, please contact Aurelie Valtat, Digital Strategist at EuropeAid, at aurelie.valtat@ec.europa.eu