"Smart Borders Package" Public Consultation (03/09/2015)

In the European Agenda on Security and the European Agenda on Migration, the Commission announced its intention to present new legislative proposals on a future EU 'Smart Borders' system by early 2016. These proposals will affect Third Countries National travelling to the Schengen zone.

In this context, a public consultation was launched on 29/07/2015 to give an opportunity to a variety of stakeholders to contribute to this process of developing the revised proposal. The consultation period will end on 29/10/2015.

Detailed information concerning the Smart Border Package and the consultation as well as the link to the questionnaire are available on DG HOME website (http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-is-new/public-consultation/2015/consulting_0030_en.htm ). For additional information on the "Smart Borders Package", you can consult the background document