Government of Mozambique and European Union sign Financing Agreement to support the institutional development of the Ministry of Home Affairs (04/06/2010)

The Government of Mozambique and the European Commission signed on 4 June 2010 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation a Financing Agreement for a total of €7 million, as part of cooperation under the 10th European Development Fund.


Press conference after the signing ceremonyPress conference after the signing ceremony

This funding will enable the implementation of the Ministry of Home Affairs' Institutional Development Strategy (EDIMINT). Based on seven key areas, EDIMINT places particular emphasis on the development of human resources, infrastructure and equipment.

In implementing EDIMINT, the Mozambican Government is seeking to build capacity in the Ministry of Home Affairs so as to improve the provision of services to citizens as regards preventing and combating crime, citizens' identification, public safety and migration.

On the same occasion, a Delegation Agreement is to be signed between the European Commission and the Portuguese Institute for the Promotion of Development (IPAD), under which the Portuguese Government will provide €1 800 000 in cofinancing for the initiative. This will ensure continuity in the implementation of the internal security agreements between Portugal and Mozambique which have been in force since 1995.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Mozambican Ministry of Home Affairs, the Portuguese Ministry of Internal Administrative Affairs and IPAD, with a view to implementing the project to support the institutional development of the Ministry of Home Affairs, is to be signed at the same time.

The purpose of these agreements is to harmonise the support provided to the security sector by the EU and Portugal by taking joint action based on a common approach.

The project, which is scheduled to take three years, will receive funding of €280 000 from the Government of Mozambique. The total cost will be €9 080 000.